Service Schedule

On this page you will find our service schedule for the for the coming Sunday. We want to be as prepared as possible for corporate worship each and every week. You will find a list of songs we will be singing, including video links for new music. The sermon title, text, and main focus of the sermon will also be provided. We encourage you to prayerfully prepare for Sunday mornings with these resources. 

Make an effort to listen to and learn new music, look up the main preaching text and read it, and pray for God to work in your life and the church as a whole as we worship.

We will post these resources on Thursdays in preparation for the following Sunday service. 

Sunday, April 18th


Sermon: "Celebrating New Life: 

                   The Man in Elisha's Grave"

- Andrew Bosak


This Sunday we will explore a significant portion of 2 Kings which will culminate in the specific verses listed.  In our texts God reveals His grace in the midst of extreme sin and gives us hope for the future.


2 Kings 13:20-21